Kids lead the way in local recycling efforts

by Liz Skolnick

We wanted to recognize all the students and schools that have been making great strides both in collecting materials for recycling, ensuring things are saved from the trash bin, and creatively spreading the word about recycling using beautiful artwork.

As Newsday reported just before Christmas, students from 12 Suffolk County schools participating in the Suffolk Share School Recycling Partnership Program have recycled around 23,320 bottles and 24,380 pounds of paper since the program began last spring. That’s quite an achievement - Bravo Suffolk County Schools!

Perhaps local governments could even learn something from the shared school initiative — sharing services like recycling may actually save towns money and legwork.

Around the country, school groups in New Jersey, Washington and West Virginia are being honored for creating beautiful art and calendars which illustrate the importance of recycling and serve as friendly reminders for community members to pitch in.